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Match Thread - Fulham FC vs Tottenham Hotspur - PL


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Vital 1st Team Regular
Selection dilemma for this one. Be nice to see continuity, but with games coming thick and fast, we may see more than one change.

v Burnley, Players missing:
Bergwijn, Tanga, Rodon, Lo (injured)

Players unused:
Winks, Vinnie, Dier, Davies, (Hart)

I think Fulham will offer more than Burnley, unless we score within one minute!!

Walthamstow wanderer

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We are the only team that can stop us winning this one .
Confidence , which we should have , will give us the overwhelming edge .
We have the diabolical ability to beat ourselves in this sort of game .
If we keep Dier out , and Toby in , straight away we have an advantage, Toby doesn’t try to be clever , he gets the job done , clears the ball and deals with what comes next .Sanchez feeds off if that and is a much better player for it .
This also helps PEH , and it gets the ball forward quicker .
I really like PEH and Ndom in tandem.
Bale , and Moura , in their current moods , with Son and Kane is frightening .
I don’t think there will be many teams attacking us and leaving gaps at the back for us to exploit .
So it just comes down to attack v defence . ,
I think our attack is as good as any in the league .

All in my humble opinion , which as we all know, ain’t worth a Barclays


Vital Reserves Team
There’s no reason not to go with the same team that started against Burnley for both the Fulham and Palace games.

The Europa League game is at home. I know it’s important as it’s our best chance of Champions League football but a team made up of so called 2nd string should get the job done, especially considering there are 5 subs in European games, should Jose need his stars players durning the game.

Doherty Sanchez Dier Davies
Sissoko Winks
Lo Celso Dele Bergwijn

More than capable to win in Europe.

Let’s keep the same team and generate some momentum with a few good wins on the bounce while confidence is high.


Vital Reserves Team
That's 3 matches in 7 days for the same players ?
I know Nick and a lot will depend on how the players themselves are.

If a few are carrying knocks, fatigued etc then of course rotate a few but winning two games 4-0 back to back (regardless of the opposition) breeds confidence, surely everyone one of them is relishing the run of games we have coming up. Let them off the leash I say.