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Match Thread: Exeter City v Lincoln City


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A decent poacher in the area has a party with all those loose balls in the box.
Lesson learned, don’t try to play football and stand off against a team that likes to play.


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Season ticket bagged. I'm already looking forward to new signings, new training ground, new pitch at SB. Good times. Let's invoke the spirit of 74/75. Answers on a post card as to what happened next.


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Should have been some of that Waterfall strong arm stuff earlier on.
Beaten by a better side to be fair.
Decent summer signings and we will be closer next time around.
Sweet Caroline again, it's like tinitus FFS!


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No. Not sure we got it right tonight. Should have played with high intensity getting into them like we did against Chelsea kids and all the Cup sides we faced last year.


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Disappointed but Exeter deserved that. Time for a rest and regroup and go for automatic next year, with the right additions to the squad

Still it's been a very good season and lots to look forward to going forward


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Fair play to Exeter a couple of worldies. Very even over both games. Not a lot went right for us. Officials were shockingly bad on the key decisions. Onto next season, we had an amazing season and fell just short due to the variables. We learn, we improve and we smash it next season
Anybody who blames the ref needs to take the blinkers off. They were better than us, simples. We need to recruit players who have the quality like Harley and Boateng to do what they did...we are 99% effort and 1% quality..that needs adjusting for next season.


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Absolute unbridled delight from the Sky presenters. How can they have Nathan Jones on, knowing his attitude towards Lincoln? Unbelievable.

The Imposter

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At least the lads fought until the very end, but we just lacked quality in the final third and a dynamic midfield spark. Disappointed with Freck again, but at least Pett looked lively when he came on.


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Oh well, brilliant season, we gave it our all but came up short. Need more depth and quality. Another season in L2 won't do us any harm. At least DC can now get stuck into recruitment and the players can have a rest - they've earned it. At least they'll now have a bit longer to prepare for the new season - thats one thing I hate about the POs - it takes a team too close to the start of pre-season & the players don't get much recovery time. A full pre-season on the new training ground and we'll be ready again. UTI.