Martin Hardy

The usual excellent stuff from him about today's game. Makes the great point that aside from not doing top notch transfer business, at least the players are doing what we've always wanted.

That being that aside from wanting to be a team that wins, we've now got players that want to try. Lascelles being the perfect captain to lead the way.

Paul Kannell

Vital 1st Team Regular
You cannot blame the players for the owner being a ****, fair play, looks like they've some pride and ability, maybe enough to stay up, maybe not, but that's the extent of the ambition and it fuckng stinks.


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Not sure if anyone else has read a piece Martin Hardy had in the Sunday Times today about Ashley offering 20m windfall should they win the cup. He also increased the bonus structure for finishing in the league from 1m for finishing 17th to 4m and the amount will go up incrementally with each place up the table. Talks stumbled last week with the players at loggerheads with the club over the structuring of bonuses for the return to the Premiership. Ashley became involved to resolve the dispute.