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Thought this lad was a decent signing on a free. Hold my hands up and say I got this one wrong.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a keeper make so many mistakes game after game since joining a goal. Just seen today’s goals back and it’s embarrassing, he’s absolutely shite and wouldn’t get in a non league side on his performances so far. Don’t particularly think Jones is good enough for this level but he’s far better than this clown and whoever is in charge next Saturday needs to make this change.


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Recuitment for dummies -

Any manager
"I know, lets sign Scotlands goalie"

Any competent recruitment team member "no just move on, it would be a disaster - got decades of previous clangers in em"


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On paper, I also though Marshall was a good signing on a free, sadly his peformances don't back that up. Jones should be our number 1 keeper starting at Barnsley, Jones might be weak when it comes to shot stopping from range, but he actually commands his area like a keeper should.

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I also thought that Marshall would be a decent signing, but he's been awful so far. I was willing to give him another couple of games to see if he'd shape up, but there has been absolutely no improvement. He must be dropped immediately.

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Owen Evans is apparently doing well for Macclesfield. I realise that the Championship is a big step up from League 2, but it's encouraging to see him doing well, considering he's only young. Perhaps he has a future at the club? I think he has 2 years left on his current deal.

For now, Jones needs to come in immediately. Will we loan Evans out next season to a League 1 club (assuming we aren't in League 1 ourselves) or will he come straight in to the team?


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I was very keen on Marshall he's been a top keeper over his career but you can only judge him on what he does for us and so far it's been really poor.

He apparently had bad starts at Cardiff and Hull before coming good and maybe he'll yet come good for us but right now I think it's essential he is dropped for Jones. Jones isn't perfect but Marshall isnt cutting it and Jones deserves a chance.

Don't want to make Marshall a new scapegoat like Naismith as quite frankly he's been totally exposed by our disorganised defence and fed to the wolves. But there is no doubting he's let himself down regardless of the defence.


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Time to drop him, defence isnt exactly doing him many favours but he's been garbage. Time to drop him for Jones and perhaps revisit the situation in January if he shows no improvement.


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Jones as never let us down, and the most important aspect is the defenders work better as a unit with Jones.
Marshal needs to drop down to the bench he needs to pull himself together work on his game, and build an understanding with the defenders.
Solid goalkeeper, tight central defenders, mobile midfielders, and pace up front, and we can reverse this cloud of misery which hangs over us.


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Marshall & Mulgrew currently playing for Scotland in a Euro 2020 qualifier against Russia on sky.
Winning 1-0 and playing okay.

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Was at the game both done well mulgrew was my motm. We have another manager who buys into this inflated English market pish mcburnie 20m Guys crap end off mctommine is bang a barrage at best McGinn 50m rumours ffs Robertson was woeful Tierney will go on to better and arsenal have a cracker I know some will say I’m bigging up celtic players here but seriously they are far far better than the names iv pointed out ffs even Matt Phillips did more than mcburnie in his 10 mins.


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Saw a clip on the news of him conceding a goal...think it was their winner. Very poor goal, it rolled in after a bit of a scramble, and he seemed to be lying on the floor before it was even rolling past him!
Just saw highlights myself Mulgrew looked terrible positionally from the clips and I see exactly what you mean about 2nd goal. I think Marshall could've got accross better but seemed to bottle it and stop short to avoid impact from incoming player.

Didn't watch full thing so not fair to judge them on 5ms of highlights but what they showed was not inspiring.