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Manchester City v Manchester United - 5.30pm Sat 7th April 2018 - Premier League Match Preview and Match Day Thread


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Well, here we are.

History could be made at the Etihad on Saturday as Pep and his squad face Moaning Maureen’s Stretford Galacticos.

After a chastening European night in Merseyside, Pep and his players have to pick themselves up and go again. This is an entirely different competition and Pep will have some big decisions to make regarding team selection for Saturday’s fixture. Does he throw caution to the wind and go for broke in both games or hold back some of his squad for the second leg of the Champions League quarter Final on Tuesday? The situation really hasn’t changed given that the league is almost secure and points can afford to be dropped but……..

Pep will also be acutely aware of the need to restore the feel good factor in preparation for the return leg against Liverpool especially as there is such a mountain to climb in that tie now. A lacklustre draw or even defeat (EEK) is not the optimal preparation for such an important game. A much better foundation would be provided by a morale boosting delivery of the Premier League title in style against the side City fans most like to beat.

How it will pain Maureen to face this game. With his team 16 points behind their rivals, having scored fewer goals & with far inferior goal difference they arrive craning their necks to keep sight of a City side so far ahead of them in the league they are almost out of sight. It will especially pain Maureen to face his arch-coaching rival given the plaudits that have been ringing out for the manner in which Pep has delivered his side to this moment in the season. Playing a style of football which has contrasted steadily with the bleak, sterile version offered up in Salford, Pep has finally breached the negative mindsets of many in the media. The set back on Wednesday night might take some of the gloss off their views in the immediate aftermath but should not detract from the bigger picture. Which would they rather watch each week? The sterile, utilitarian fare offered up by a one-eyed coach who spends much of his time wallowing in self-pity and self-justification or the confident, composed and enthralling version of the game which Pep has coached his players - old and new - to deliver?

A rag friend of mine the other day announce that he had cancelled his club membership. He was tired he said of making the long journey to the Old Toilet only to watch “crap football” (his words). He wasn’t going to do it any more. He had better things to do. He was thoroughly fed up with his team.

Says it all really. Great job Maureen, keep up the good work.


Referee: Martin (8 minutes) Atkinson

Assistants: Lee Betts, Stephen Child

Fourth official: Craig Pawson

Team News

City await news on the progress of Aguero. His prolonged absence with what was originally described as ‘a bit of a problem’ with his knee is worrying and even if he returns we all know that he is never at his best immediately after a lay off.

Stretford Galacticos have doubts against Blind and Phil Jones. Romero is unavailable.

Possible starting XI and subs:


Walker, Kompany, Otamendi, Delph

De Bruyne, Fernandinho, Silva D

Sterling, G Jesus, Sané


Bravo, Zinchenko, Danilo, Laporte, Stones, Silva B, Gundogan

Things did not go to plan last Wednesday evening. The players still have a chance, albeit a slim one, to pull that tie around and there can be no better way of setting themselves up that by delivering an emphatic victory over their long time rivals.

They need to clear their minds, focus on the task at hand and get the job done

History beckons.

Come On City!!!
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Well done Skoorb mustering positivity in the wake of last night's humiliation.
My view is we have to go all guns blazing on Saturday.
Yes, there's a slight chance we can turn it around on Tuesday but I don't think so.


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Doing my best Rising. Life goes on despite the bruising disappointment of last night. Hopefully our collective Mojo will be back by Saturday evening :yes:

You may be right Ozi - I thought about Danilo at RB, and possibly Stones for Otamendi........I know that if he tries to keep VK out ofthe starting XI he may well have to have a fight with our captain.

He may well tinker back there.


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Maybe correct about Danilo but if he were to do that I would rather Walker move to take over from Otamendi than Stones.
A very good review and how true in respect of Maureen, lets hope that it will be 19 points come the end of the game.

Maureen won't want to lose this and certain that he will park the bus hoping for us to be caught on the counter attack and snatch the game.

It would be nice to win but it won't and is not a must win.

Gabriel Jesus is young and does not have that physical strength to lead the line on his own and needs another striker to feed off.

I hope SA 10 is fit SA10.jpg


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Hope there isn't too much of a hangover from last night - just scoring a late goal would have done so much to alter the mindset going into the derby. We may need an early goal to settle ourselves and reassert our authority over the rest of the league.


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What is done is done and cannot be changed. Dwelling on it right now will do no-one any good........except and only if they use their disappointment to spur them on.

What is needed is a re-focus and this is where Pep, his coaching team and the senior, experienced players really earn their corn.

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After last night, I've changed my mind, and think we won't make too many changes.
According to Sam Lee of Goal (alluded to in the Liverpool thread) three big names were in the frame for a rest - for me, Kompany, Fernie, and De Bruyne.
I reckon Kompany may still miss out, but the only changes I see is Zinchneko at LB, Laporte moved across, and, if fit, Aguero.
Sterling to come in for Gundogan.


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I would love to be a fly on the wall when Guardiola ells Vincent Kompany he isn't going to play in the game when we can win the Premier League against the rags.....they could sell tickets for that showdown!


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When VK looks at his performance against the dippers he may understand why he is being rested against the rags. He may only be picked to mark Lukakuka who is a substantial unit.

The back four at times reminded me of a bulldog eating a bowl of cornflakes.

Sterling in for the dog. Play the wings all day to isolate Pogba. Its up to the crowd to get the reaction. 3-1 city.


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Must win tomorrow - essential if we want to beat Liverpool on Tuesday. Play strongest side; Aguero, Sterling and Delph back in and grab the game by the scruff of the neck.


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Salah shown on Physioroom as 'Late Fitness Test' for 7th April.

Aguero's injury worries me. If it were a knock or a ligament strain we would be clearer to knowing a return date. As it stands he originally reported that it 'wasn't feeling 100%' or some such and he has since missed several games. I am beginning to wonder whether we will see him again this season - this mystery injury does not seem to be clearing up and has me thinking it is a cartilage problem......:unsure::wack:


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Well, the day is here. Frankly it feels a bit flat still after the disappointment of Wednesday night. Still looking for my mojo.

I guess we will have no idea about Agüero until the team sheet isn’t produced at 4.30.

Having thought on it i am even more convinced that we have to deliver the title this afternoon. Do so and we clear the shadows of doubt which have crowded around since to do so and the ennui will continue and make it so much more difficult to raise the spirits.