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One Bloody Number
A couple of months ago I decided to convert my double garage into a man cave.... I mean why not. Garages are such wasted space. Nobody uses them for cars anymore, they just get all the crap thrown in them.

Never done any DIY in my life before, apart from put up a couple of wonky / wobbly shelves, but had good guidance from a mate of mine who has shown me what to do.

Think we're about 2/3's of the way through the project now. Hoping it's all ready by beginning of May. Got sofa's and bar stools on order already, and will be ordering pool table and arcade machine next.

Heres a few progress pics. Will post more over the next few weeks.


One Bloody Number
Just tried to upload 25 pics from my phone camera and they are all too large.... You'll have to use your imaginations. 😂😂😂🤦‍♂️


One Bloody Number
Plan for next week..

Thursday white wash the walls

Friday 1st coat of top coat on walls and cieling.

Saturday lights and sockets all being fitted.

The week after finish painting, lay floor, do skirting

Week after, worktop on bar and back bar.

Pool table, arcade machine and sofa put in.

Get drunk.
A bit left field here, but I replaced my mesh system with an Honor Router 3, for about £40. It is Wifi 6 equipped, which is the latest generation, and these have the option to boost signal to penetrate walls better.

I have to say, the results are amazing!!! A strong signal, everywhere.

I just connected it to the existing router via an ethernet cable, and set up a separate wifi network using the very simple app they use.

It's just another option, but a neat and cheap one.


One Bloody Number
Not bad for a guy with zero DIY experience, other than the odd wonky/wobbly shelf!

And the best news is the WiFi works! It was dropping in and out a lot to start with, so moved one of the mesh Deco units actually into the mancave rather than where it was on the other side of the adjoining wall, and it's been perfect ever since.