Managerial changes

I am becoming increasingly disillusioned with football. I had thought that it was just the Premiersh*t with its vastly overpaid players and the fawning of the press and the BBC. So I decided at the start of the season not to watch a single game or even match of the day. So far I have kept to my resolution.
However, my disillusion is now spreading to the Championship. As of this morning, six Championship managers have been sacked, some because they have gone four or five games without a win, which assuming the logic behind the sackings is universal, makes Dean Smith highly vulnerable. Of the six sackings, I could understand Stubbs at Rotherham as they were in danger of being cut adrift at the bottom, but Zenga at Wolves and Caldwell at Wigan, a man who a few months ago led them to the League One title, are beyond me.
We all know that football teams go through bad patches every season, so to sack the manager each time this happens is frankly ridiculous. Success only happens to a few teams each year, the lack of it should not result in a sacking every time.
Fortunately, some clubs do seem to stick by their managers through the bad patches. Arsenal didn't win anything for about ten years but Wenger is still there. Exeter City are next bottom of League Two but have kept faith in Fiscals, and my nearest team, Accrington Stanley, show a great deal of faith in John Coleman.
Perhaps I should start watching them.


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I agree, the Caldwell one is a bit odd. There was clearly a manager there who proved himself. I expect clubs panic and make assumptions such as: "He's reached his ceiling and can't manage in the Championship" - of course failing to realise that the learning process takes time.
Zenga may be a different matter. Maybe there's a touch of the Dijkhuizen's about him and turns out to be the wrong fit. Or maybe the moneybags owners expect immediate results.

It's tempting to say that managers have to stay until the end of each season but that might have seen us relegated last year so I'm loathe to go down that route. Maybe we should just accept it's part of the game. Terry Butcher anyone?


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Gone are the days of a manager sticking with a club throughout and no matter what many Arsenal fans think about the lack of trophies at Highbury in latter years, Wenger has been successful in modern measurements of success by continually getting them into the Champions League and earning the club big pay packets, while at the same time keeping an even keel on expenditure. If the sh*t ever really hits the fan, Chelsea, Man City,Utd etc will all be in trouble, but Arsenal will still be up there financially.
As for sacking the Wigan manager, seems a bit strange, like you, I can understand the Rotherham situation but it all does seem a bit quick. Wolves seem to have acted very quickly, hastily some would say, but as Beefy says, that could be a different matter and maybe they know things we don't. As for Smith. My jury is still out. His tactical decisions leave me absolutely confused and his lack of reaction to situations is just as confusing, He seems to get to the cusp of getting some fans (in another place specifically) starting to call for him, then goes on a good run and all is forgiven until the next international break screws up our momentum again.
Football now seems to be about instant success or you are a failure. But that is life all round. A leader of a political party loses an election, he is out. An England manager loses in a major finals, he is gone. No learning by mistakes for the next one, bye bye. Then the next incumbent makes the same mistakes etc, etc.

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Same as in the Premiersh*t it's the money. The gap between us and them is now so great and yet 3 teams will go up at the end of the season. It turns football club owners' brains to mush.