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Man U v Newcastle


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Decent first half that. The difference in the side in terms of formation and attitude is an indictment of several of this season's earlier games. This side look coached and drilled and that there's even a game plan. Their goal was as usual an attack on the Newcastle right hand side and Krafth gets done twice by Rashford from standing starts. Darlow should never be beaten there and he knew it . Dubravka back in for next game please. Lots of positives though , even Joelinton lifting a leg. The irony of Almiron being the fulcrum of the side when he couldn't get a start and then was used right wing left wing and anywhere but his natural position. There's been some intelligent play with Willock also involved and Hayden also trying some deeper passing. Shelvey needs to play the simple ball rather than time and again attempting to pirouette then lose it. I'm sure he avoided a basic lay off to Maximin then did his stupid spin straight into trouble.

We need this level of application in every game now regardless of tonight's result but a brave team can get something here !
I think Hayden has been immense.


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Jamaal Lewis has got to be the worst left back at the club in my lifetime. Honestly, he’s fucking woeful.

Haven’t been playing too bad apart from that. Always one weak link though, every single fucking game.


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I know Bruce isn't renowned for being very intelligent but is he being forced to play joelinton and lewis. I mean surely even someone as thick as Bruce can see these players are shite. Bruce was supposed to be a defender like