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Mail article if you have not seen it


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Good article dedmans thanks for posting mate.

I'm listening on talk sport to Pompey-Arsenal, and I'm soaking up the Fratton atmosphere here in the French countryside. We've really been in their faces and given a good account of ourselves. Pity about that goal right on half time. Still, it ain't over yet.. PUP.. :clap:


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Well, the Prem outfit grabbed it in the end, and it sounded very much like we fizzled out a bit in the second half. Still, not to worry, we gave it a damn good go, and Fratton was rocking. No shame to go down to a team costing multi-millions. The league beckons, as does another visit to Wembley.. we're doing ok.. :thumbup:


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Watched it at my sons Corny. First half we took them on with quick attacks and created chances that unfortunately did not end up with a goal. After scoring, their possession football killed it off and on the occasion when we got the ball we gave it away. I couldn't watch them every week to be honest.


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Arsenal disrespected us and the FA Cup, playing the kids. They were undoubtedly talented but an arrogant, classless bunch. We did ok and the atmosphere was great, but I'm not worried about going out, I'm more concerned with Peterborough on Saturday and Fleetwood on Tuesday.


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Yeah, I go with what you guys are saying. We can hold our heads high. On the radio the first half came over as electric. David Connolly was on, and gave what I thought was a pretty good commentary. Also, unlike a few of our fans on Twatter he stuck up for Evans, he said wasn't as sharp as he could have been purely through lack of games.

Still, its the league now with a couple of absolutely critical games coming up. I'm hoping that coming up against Arsenal will have done us some good in that department.