Mackems ffs

Mcnamee67 - 31/10/2017 21:52

Toon_NoMatterWot - 31/10/2017 21:48

They've sacked Larry now. Probably get Peter Reid back in.
Shit, he was doing a great job. Unfair dismissal.

Wouldn't mind, the tramps must have prepared for this in advance because there was a long statement released straight after the whistle.


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That was last night against the bottom club. Looking at the relegation odds and most have Bolton and Burton nailed on certs for relegation and the Mackems around 7/4 but a lot of clubs looking over their shoulders.

Paul Kannell

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I’ve never understood how a football club can be so badly run from the top and mismanaged for so many decades, I mean if there was just an example somewhere.


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Ok - cheers.

Took the Yorkshire wannabee's to the brink of being decent, before pressing the self-destruct button at exactly the right time. And hit it hard, at that.

Makem's have already self-destructed, so it's too late for him to do it.