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Luke Imp

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Another deduction on the way apparently having failed to pay their March wages on time - 5th time this season they've failed to do so.


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Teams not paying staff/players, points deductions.
Teams not paying their tax, sometimes regularly, get let off til next time.........they can be let off!

Barney Imp

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Just the start I think.

The released list at the Imps shook a few folk but if the choice is between keeping certain players or facing an uncertain future.....

Come on you Imps!!!!!!!!!©


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Meanwhile, Southend get a fine and suspended points deduction for not paying players and staff on time, and for fielding an ineligible player v Imps....

Southend United have been given a suspended three-point penalty and fined £7,500 for breaching EFL regulations.
The League One club were referred to an independent disciplinary commission over late payments to players in December 2019 and February 2020, as well as fielding an ineligible player against Lincoln City in February.
The Shrimpers accepted all charges.
The points deduction has been suspended for the rest of the 2019-20 campaign and first six months of 2020-21.


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Macclesfield was in deep financial crap long before Covid-19. They had begging bowls out earlier this season with fans raising the money to pay wages. HMRC could do them a favour by closing them down, least that would let them start again.


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Interesting times at Bolton again. The CEO stepped down on 11 June, and Keith Hill and David Flitcroft left the following day. Fildraw Limited was Eddie Davies's company - that's a bit strange, as I thought Football Ventures had bought them out.