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Bet Morecambe and Mansfield are relieved. Might even give Stevenage some encouragement to start winning games in the hope of avoiding the drop.


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If that is the case it's a quite clear conflict of interest. Any direct involvement in these cases - they are all related, they all impact on Notlob - or any indirect lobbying is a clear breach of his professional code of conduct, which the SRA should be acting upon with a likelihood of him being struck off.
Great to know they're going down anyway isn't it?

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A further 7 points deducted with an additional 2 suspended.

Deductions for the failure to pay wages and no playing of the Plymouth game.


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7 seems an odd number even when you take the imposition of the suspended 3 points into account. It's almost as if they didn't want to confuse any possible 1 team relegation to the National League by putting them level on points with Stevenage
Am I alone in thinking that there must be a vendetta against Macclesfield town? Surely, when an outfit like Mac are in financial trouble, help is required, not a hobnail boot across its neck! I was sorry to see Bury all but die and I’m certain that others will follow given the Covid issue, no thanks thanks to the football authorities who appear set on making life harder.


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Losing points again, no gate income for we dont know how long, you can see the Club folding , never playing again at this rate.


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Yep, on the brink for years.
it’s tough but they’ve surely got to cut their cloth accordingly. If that means playing in the National League North and surviving well, it is Macclesfield - the locals have made it pretty clear over the years how much they care about league football.