LUFC Leeds Strongly Linked With Second J-League Player



Leeds strongly linked with Yuta Toyokawa

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Have we, havent we. His Japanese club say yes. The Belgian press say yes. Aspire say he is not with them. (yet). LUFC say no. Phil Hay says his sources say no (not yet).Are some of these signings ever destined for LUFC or is it a system to boost related/feeder clubs and the global reach of Aspire.
It is difficult to see how a second tier Japanese forward would gain a work permit in England.

king billy

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Some very strange things with Leeds transfers since the summer. Seems a lot of people overseas are being fed the news before Leed make it official. There have even been cases where Leeds have never announced the arrival of some of the signings that came in.

I cannot understand how we can get this lad though because we have to wait until the summer for the new signing to get a visa and that is because he needs to play so many international games. This lad isn't playing for Japan.


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dazza71 - 7/1/2018 07:19

What will happen with Bouy now he is back at Leeds?
According to Christianson he will go back on loan probably to the Netherlands. TC watched him train and thinks hes a good player but not for this season.