LUFC Christiansen - It Was Two Points Dropped



Leeds United head coach Thomas Christiansen felt it was two points dropped

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Alert Team
When you look at the performances. We created more chances in this game than we did against Norwich City and Hull City in the previous two home games.

We need more going forward.


Vital Football Legend
This type of performance has been the norm for a few games and we are going to come unstuck unless we take the few chances that come our way. The team is three or four players short of being real contenders. Last year we were five or six short but Woods goals masked mediocracy elsewhere. The general opinion is that we are well stocked with midfielders but other than Viera none are going to take us forward. A striker with a physical presence and a bit of pace and a proper left back are essentials. Let Beradi keep Ayling on his toes on the right.
I have a feeling we will be just outside the top six again unless we recruit well in January which isn't easy.


Vital Squad Member
We need a midfielder who can get his foot on theball and distribute it without giving it away, dictate the game, aand a striker
Two good signings would greatly increase our chances of promotion, and keep moral on the up
but I've got a feeling it's going to be another missed opportunity like previous seasons,
Apart from wolves all the top places are up for grabs , lets hope the board can see this is a great opportunity .