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Lou Reed


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Now I have read this on Classic Rock I know it is true. Never a fan myself but RIP. I suppose now he is going to be heralded as a music genius.

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Not been on much time last week and was trawling down the threads when I saw this.

Blimey, I didn't know.......RIP Lou. Never a big follower, but respect.

I'll not be taking a walk on the wildside.



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Lou Reed WAS a genius! One of the truest, most unique artists the world will ever know. I'll never forget the feeling of listening to 'The Velvet Underground & Nico' for the first time and it still astounds me. A man who stands shoulder to shoulder with The Beatles, Dylan, Elvis - any influential act you can name. Lou Reed, true genius. R.I.P.


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I was too young for Velvet Underground and Loue Reed, solo.

But you only had to listen to artists to know the influence he had.

RIP - mind you, how he lasted that long is a miriacle.