Liverpool player sent off.

The first thought is that it's a harsh sending off but on reflection it is a red all day long. Nowadays anyway.

The only real issue is that refs aren't consistent enough in enforcing the rules as we suffered the opposite end when Mbemba got studded in the head at Huddersfield.


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Maybe a rule change that if the keeper comes outside his area he is not allowed to handle or head the ball. That would have made today's incident interesting.

The Pyrry

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In old money never a red card, but unfortunately in today's rules it was . Foot up so high , keeper in his perifual vision. reckless and dangerous correct decision made under today's guidelines .
Agree that dismissal did spoil the game though .


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The lad was clearly going for the ball yes his foot was high but i dont think there was any intention to hurt the keeper a yellow card would have been enough


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Yeah, a credit to Swansea.

Ritchie had his foot high and leading, and while it's fair to say he had his eye on the ball the whole time, the player going down would have meant red.