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Live football in Cinemas?


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I believe 3000 are allowed in the Albert Hall tonight, the government really hates spectator sport.
They even know it's safe to watch in the outdoors, they're taking the piss.


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Hopefully, over the next few weeks, pressure from football supporters etc play a huge role.

So, you can have about 3,000 inside, but you can't have anyone within "elite" football outside.



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There is probably a Tory donor that did coke/shafted a pig/plays tennis provides a non exec directorship/is a relation/a relation of a friend/has incriminating photos (delete where appropriate) who likes it.

so of course it is perfectly safe


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Having said that however bad we are at least we are not American.

100 suckers paid $250k to have lunch with Corona Virus at a golf course


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Pubs can have loads, universities have everyone piled back, all schools have to be full.
Posh sods can half fill the Albert Hall.
Up to 600 can sit and stand together in little non league grounds.
Cinemas can show football to a load of people indoors.

And yet not a single person can sit and watch outdoors in any proper football stadium.
If we aren't deemed safe spaced out in a big stadium (and I don't presume to know if we are or are not) but if we really are not safe, then absolutely none of the other above examples can be safe as they are all far far more risky.


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Johnson is not a harmless comedy figure he's an evil nasty man.
If you've ever seen the video of him as London mayor when he was questioned about selling off fire stations to his rich developer mates you see the real Johnson, the man that arranged for someone to be beaten up.
Gove reckoned they can't open up the grounds as people will crowd onto public transport and then mingle in groups in and around the ground.
They don't care about ordinary people they just wanted your votes to get the vanity project sorted which they keep moving the goalposts on like they do covid rules.