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Brendan Bradley

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Has anyone any information, or even heard of, this club?

I'm certain it didn't exist in my formative years but I'd like to help out a relative who's doing some research and has newspaper reports of such a team dating back to the turn of the 20th century and up to the start of the 2nd world war.

Merthyr Imp

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A quick Internet search throws up references to a couple of City players who previously played for Lincoln Corinthians - Billy Bean and Bernard Towler.

Reference to the players' entries in the Nannestads' 'Who's Who' mentions in Billy Bean's entry - ''He signed as an amateur from crack local side Corinthians'. That was in 1934.

Also, that Towler joined City from Lincoln Corinthians in 1932.


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Thank you @Merthyr Imp and @Bazzzer
... relative told me he had one from 1896.
I've now found one in Nov 1894.

However, I suspect the term "Corinthian" was possibly widespread, implying "involving the highest standards of amateur sportsmanship". It need not mean they were the same team I suppose.

Perhaps you have heard of one of Lincoln's best Sunday teams, Adelaide Park (EDIT: which John Ward was signed from). The teams 1950/60s founder, Geoff Edson, happened across some old memorabilia and, after doing some research, resurrected the name. The original Lincoln Adelaide again was a team from the early 1900s, if not earlier.
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Brendan Bradley

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It's all very confusing @Bazzzer as I've been sent a clipping from the Lincs Chronicle December 4th 1896 which has a match report on Lincoln Corinthians versus Saxon Street.

Other reports included St Andrews United v Adelaide, Heighington Swifts v Lincoln Victoria, YMCA v Branston and St Andrews Choir v Red Star

The Football League tables are also there so I've screenshot those. Interesting (to me) that The Wednesday are actually referred to as Sheffield Wednesday, even then.