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Let's all stop feeding the troll


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I have been away on Holiday and thought I'd pop on tonight to see what's on with everyone, only to be greeted by this boring, boring, Spurs troll commenting on virtually every single topic he can.

I propose that everyone simply block him and not engage with his very childish comments.

Some might say that it's because of the anti Spurs threads but, it's just the same moron coming on time and time again.

If everyone just ignores him by blocking him every time he comes on, he will stop posting, even if he does continue to post, and you have blocked him as I have, he will be wasting his time!

NI Villan

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I'm curious as to how many posts he can make before he's banned. His latest in the 'warning' thread was funny. He knows the ban is imminent.


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I honestly just write to him telling him what an idiot I think he is and then click ban.

He has had more incarnations than Dr Who. At first it was funny arguing with him but it's now like he's at the point where he's had too many E numbers and his mum needs to put hi to bed.

The Fear

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Would be helpful if people used the alert and didn't answer because when we remove his posts we then have to remove those answering.

Trolls will ruin the internet, mark my words.


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I must have sent you about 15 alerts in 5 mins - lol

Anyway you spoiled my fun, I sent him a very polite personal message but you deleted him before he read it. If you have an email address, can you forward it to him please


mike_field - 28/10/2013 20:13

Demand things please, we act on instructions.
Cool, Chicken tikka balti egg fried rice one naan, a back massage with extra's oh and don't mean to be cheaky but one of them special belly dances you do for the regulars luv them :35:

The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
I didn't say alerts weren't there chaps, I appreciate them greatly. I was just agreeing with the original post, don't feed trolls, don't answer or quote.

Couldn't run the sites without users helps, you're rock stars!!!

But sorry if it looked like I had t appreciated the alerts!!


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Oh great! Is he banned again under that name?. Means if he comes back on, with a different name, I will have to re-block him. Every time I see him on now I just block him so I don't have to read his tripe.

Ah now I understand the warning topic in 100%. I wondered who had been playing up


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spurs fans claiming it was a villa fan who hacked the guy's account. Not sure i see the logic in that. A lot of the spurs fans on vital spurs seem to have a thing with villa tbh