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Leicester v Aston Villa - 7.15 pm Sunday 18th October


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We are a proper team.
Equal to them in all ways tonight. They looked dangerous but never got near scoring. Ollie needs to keep his head up - he does valuable work. Trez Bremner at it again. Jack needs to shoot or pass earlier - he fell back to his last season performance - but maybe Roscoe's goal will start to show Jack he doesn't have to do it all.

Very pleased - a draw playing like that would have been a good result. We had 50% possession - who would have thought that from us?


Xchurch Villa

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Just caught up on the thread after watching the game. Geez there’s some negativity on here. Thought that was an extremely professional performance against another top team. It‘s not always going to go completely our way, we won’t dominate every game, nor have 3 deflected shots that end up in the back of the net.

Tonight was another injection of confidence to the players (and us) that we can compete at the top levels of the league. Well done, fantastic job by all. :utv::utv::utv:
Here, here
Great result! Well done Villa boys. A great strike to win the game, another clean sheet and a group of players who are on the same wavelength. It's great to see.
Don't normally watch motd, but did tonight.
Richards a pundit...really?
He was useless for Villa and he looks out of his depth on tv. As for Murphy I'm sure I could see him chewing on a lemon when he was talking about the Villa. I think I'll go back to avoiding motd.
Yes, agreed, Keira and myself said similar for the Liverpool match and this is 100% not a dismissive thing to Smith, as he is the boss and he's had the gumption to bring in a great coach.

But we do look a totally different team/different style, no more playing with our backs to defenders etc. Liking it.
A true leader will bring in people smarter than himself and not feel threatened. I think Dean Smith has that in spades. Its getting really interesting