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Leicester v Aston Villa - 7.15 pm Sunday 18th October

Villa 4 Ever

Vital Squad Member
This game depends on if Vardy is playing, If he is playing I can see a high scoring game, If he isn't I can see us going there to get the job done and shutting up shop perhaps 2-0, If they get the first goal I think we'll struggle to break them down.

Definitely an interesting game for the neutral, How will Leicester bounce back from their defeat to West Ham, yet they're capable of beating Man City 5-2.

We're capable of beating Liverpool 7-2 (and more) Yet we struggled to break down a 10man Sheffield, we shut up shop for half the game against Fulham, and on the back of all that our players have had a successful International duty and will be well fired up for this game.

Definitely looking forward to the game, let's hope we give the Premiership a reality check and not Leicester giving us one.

The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
At what point will you believe we are genuinely a different proposition this season? If we play well and deserve a draw/win today then I'll be a lot more comfortable. Otherwise it could be just a misleadingly good start - but I bloody hope not.
I think the ten to 15 game stage is where you really start to feel a bit more 'secure'in how the (any) team is? But a win today, well, it would go a hell of a long way for me personally, to be feeling more settled and confident!