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Leicester settle FFP breach


Alert Team
Squeaky clean Leicester City agree to pay the Football League £3.1m to settle their breach of FFP rules in 2013/14 when they won the Championship.


What’s that? Defeaning calls for them to be thrown out of the league? Massive fines imposed?

Nope. Just a by line in the news.
Yes not news worthy enough to go big on. Also Spammers did exactly the same as us re admin in the drugs things where they did not tell the drugs people where someone was etc.

nothing more said, but Sky did explain it that it was not anything to do with the players taking drugs, unlike ours which implied differently.

Again in respect of the assassins basically cheated to get into the premier, blame City for FFP.


Alert Team
Yes. They are the squeaky clean heroes and we can’t be seen to be making a big fuss which would taint their success.

You would think they were owned by a fan’s co-operative and the players make and wash their own kit, clean their own boots and serve tea to pensioners at halftime. Not a millionaire owner anywhere in sight :066: