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Bernardo Silva to Sky Sports:

"It was a difficult game for us. We were controlling the game until the late penalty.

"Leicester have a very good team. Fortunately Claudio Bravo in the end gave us the win again.

"It's been a great start of the season. I hope we can keep winning games, because this team deserve to keep winning because of the way we play. We will try to celebrate something at the end of this season."
Oleksandr Zinchenko to Sky Sports:

"I was supposed to be the fifth penalty taker, I'm happy because Claudio Bravo is the hero again. Many congratulations to him and the team.

"It was an amazingly difficult game. Leicester were champions two years ago.

"This was an important win for us. We have to keep going and play the same way. We played not bad until the penalty and controlled the game until the last moment."
Andy Townsend

Ex-Republic of Ireland international on BBC Radio 5 live

Well done to the Manchester City boys. You need to hold your nerve in the shootout. It's ironic, Jamie Vardy and Riyad Mahrez missing their penalties.

It is always a shame when it goes this far and you are close, but City hung in there and came through it.
Claude Puel to Sky Sports:

"We were unlucky. We have had most chances. It was a fantastic game between two good teams.

"We gave our best. It was important to give a good response after the last league game. I like our positive outlook.

“It was a good moment for Jamie to come into the game. It was a good thing for him to score tonight. No regret about tonight. We were unlucky with a lot of chances."
Pep Guardiola to Sky Sports:

"I'm so happy. A lot of young players played. I'm so happy for all the players.

"The way we had to react was not easy, we were tired, we had a lot of young players, Danilo was playing at centre-back for the first time in his life. It’s not easy because Jamie Vardy and Riyad Mahrez were there.

"What I liked the most is how we reacted and overcame that situation. It’s a good indication for the future.

"They showed me very good things. How you react is important and there were no complaints from the players in extra time about how it was unfair that they had scored a late goal."

When asked about winning all four trophies this season...

"Forget about it. That is not going to happen."
Credit to Pep for his belief in his youngsters and only introduced Walker when taking Elia Mangala off with a facial injury (will be fit for Saturday), unlike Puel who panicked and sent on his big guns, but The Referee was fooled by Gray going down and then books Walker for being clipped but classed as a dive unbelievable Jeff.

The youngsters were outstanding and given a few more games would slide into this team seemlessly.

I love Bernardo Silva and he or The Dog could be DS21 's eventually successors when he decides to undo his laces.

Commentators still continue to malign Mangala, but again it is hard to play the style that Pep requires if you are just a bit player, but recently because he has been a regular is play has improved and his critics are u just given that he has been put into trouble by poor balls by his colleagues, but managed to get out of them and give it everything every match.

Claudio had an outstanding game imo and deserves his place in this comp as far as we can go.

Jesus, well guarded tonight, but his off the ball movement allowed others to move into the space he created, Foden and Diaz loved their moment along with Tosin, Nmecha and Dele-Bashiru, brilliant especially to step up in front of the biggest crowd he has played and slot in a penalty.

Yaya great servant for the Club, won everything with one exception for the Club, but still a big influence on games.
A fantastic result. Congratulations to the whole team - to the senior players who knitted everything together, tothe youngsters who stepped up and were not fazed by their opponents and to Pep for showing such faith in his youngcharges that he brought them on whilst Puel elected to turn to his ‘A’ listers.

I thought Zinchenko was outstanding and pretty much had Mahrez in his pocket except for one time when he got away; Adarabioyo was cool and calm and I don’t think he put a foot wrong; Diaz and Foden worked hard and made serious contributions but they are very young and will only get better. Nmecha kept calm for his penalty and Deli-Bisuru wasn’t overawed butit was hard coming into a game when the opponents are at full pelt.

A word about the referee Madley. I can’t see why he awarded the penalty against Walker but not why he chose to add 8 minutes. There were three injuries requiringon field treatment (Chilwell, Mangala & Foden) plus the subs BUT we have all watched games where there have been similar length stoppages and nowehere near as much time added on at the end of the game. He had a very scattergun approach to the award of free kicks and definitely took the stance that the youngsters were fair game for the seasoned professionals such as the thug-in-chief Maguire. He had no trouble penalising Diaz for any contact on Amartrey but Maguire could flattten Foden withoutsanction and don’t get me started on the failure to penalise Okazaki for persistent foul play. He was constantly tugging and pulling City’s midfielders, giving away free kicks but was not carded. As we saw at the weekend with Dembele, once he eventually received a card for his umpteenth foul he was ineffective and unable to disrupt play with niggly trips, pulls and blocks.

The squad showed huge resilience and saw off the 2016 Premier League Champions who had their full side out forover 50% of the match. Very pleased with the result and especially watching Wonder Vardy (I said he would launch himself on entering the penalty area and he did with his trademark Hosking one of his legs around the back of his opponent so that they both go over and he loosround to see if it has worked) and Super Mahrez, the commentator’s love Child I think, fluff their lines at the end.
Just watched the highlights and I must say........

Jamie Vardy is a total cheating ****

There is a brilliant view of the incident in added time when he goes down in the area along with Danilo and it is quite clear that as they run into the area Vardy deliberately puts his right knee into the back of Danilo’s left leg and causes them both to lose their footing. So HE fouls Danilo with the clear intent that by causing a melee where both players go down. He is trying to fool the referee because ‘we all know how fast Vardy is and it is naturalto assume that the defender is more likely to commit a foul on him’. Thankfully Madley elected not to be deceived. For once. Although his failure to deal with some serial offending still grates. Just watched Iborra take out Nmecha by the touchline in added time - blatant obstruction but no card. :017:
Where was Vardy’s yellow?

I'd like to hear people's thoughts on Walker's yellow. For me he threw himself but what gets me is that if he didn't and tried to stay on his feet he would've been clobbered by a mistimed sliding challenge from Maguire. So does he take the impact and risk getting hurt, ride the illegal challenge and lose control or does he go to ground and look for a penalty?

At the very least Maguire is obstructing him with his action and therefore its a foul.
Perhaps we witnessed Madley falling prey to the 'Maureen Effect' and buying into the Moaning One's comments claiming City players are divers?

The only positive - and it is slim - is that by booking Gundogan and Walker, they cannot now face sanction from the PAnel and get a two match ban.

My question is - how do incidents actaly get referred? Who is responsible for saying incident A does get looked at and incident B doesn't? Will Gray's actions be subject to a review by the pane? From what I have read in the media today there seeems to be little doubt that Gray took a flyer and that Walker put the ball out for a corner.
I think you are spot on Skoorb, there can be no other explanation for his actions booking 2 City players for alleged diving and letting the one that did dive get away scot free and could well have lost City the game.

What did he expect Gundogan to do, jump out of the way or stay pout and possibly get a serious injury.

Walker was going at full speed and the slightest contact would have sent him sprawling which it did.

Maureen's agendais never simply the next game - he wanted this message to resonate across the season and affect other matches as well. :019: