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League Cup - 2020/21 - Thread


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A petty change @JuanPabloAngel I've made it the league cup. Those fuckers wouldn't send us a press pack, as others always did, which effectively gives us the images to promote their junk, so let's not name them.

Yes, yes, I'm THAT petty these days!

Had my fill of the leaches in football. :tophat:
That’s why I won’t wear any merchandise with brand names on it. If they want me to walk around like an advertising board they can pay me.


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Cash konsa Hause academy lb

Nakamba Hourihane J Ramsey

El Ghazi Watkins Vasilev

Nyland, Elmo, Mings, Chukwuemeka, Mcginn, Trezeguet, Samatta

Couldn't decide between Samatta and Watkins up top but went with Watkins because it would be good for him to rattle in a couple of goals on his debut. Samatta could certainly do with a confidence boost as well.

Vasilev out wide because that's his natural position. No Grealish, Luiz or Mings because they are simply too important to risk at this stage. Ramsey starting seems a no brainer to me.


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Vassilev and Chukwuemeka both playing today so unlikely to play tomorrow.

One of the Ramsey's also playing today. Not sure which one but I assume it's Aaron and Jacob will be in contention tomorrow.
Yep use it like another warm-up game, to get our best 11 up to speed. No point in resting players then moaning we are still getting up to speed as the much sharper Sheff Utd batter us next week


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I'm torn.

On the one hand I'm thinking 3 games in 8 days is a lot and we need to utilise the squad better.

On the other hand, Sheff United isn't until Monday so they've got a full 6 days to recover.

If Sheff United had been Saturday I'd be playing a fully weakened side here, but given we have the time to recover, then I'd be tempted to go a bit stronger and then rotate against Bristol City/Northampton next week instead.

So... something like




El Ghazi

Look to get Samatta on for Watkins around the 60 minute mark and maybe also Hause and Guilbert on for Mings and Cash at some point... assuming we're winning of course.


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We're away again... to Bristol City or Northampton.

Assume we'll be playing on the Wednesday (or possibly Thursday) given we've got Sheff U on Monday.

He'll need to rotate the squad well.