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League 2


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Amazing but the only problem with it is Plastic Green Rangers - personally if bottom spot wasn’t taken up by another - ahem - football club, I’d like to see them down there instead of second.
The perfect end of season table would see the bottom of league 2 occupied by FGR and MK Dons.....beautiful....

Warrington Imp

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Must admit had not looked at the top end for a few weeks and I was surprised where both Morecambe and Tranmere were thought 5hey were both mid table.


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Actually, if the top ten teams all draw tomorrow and Bradford City win, then that sequence would go to eleventh place.
And if Harrogate win as expected against the Cods the sequence would extend to 12th place.
Impalex I don’t know which of us is the saddest for even checking the possibility.