Lallana sees Red

Nick Real Deal

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Anyone seen his attack on our 19 year old George Marsh.

He totally lost it. Got a red card and a 3 match ban....but only in the under 23s competition. I don't get that, a ban is a ban.

I didn't see much in the challenge by Marsh. Even if he did catch Lallana there is no excuse for what he did.

Nick Real Deal

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total spurs - 6/2/2018 17:56

Cant imagine him reacting like that to say Roy Keane........
It was an assault. If I were Marsh I would be making the most of it. Neck injury, bruised throat, painful to swallow etc.

Ok so he went in for a challenge and may have caught Lallana but that response deserves court action for ABH and a long ban from all football. Not that I want Liverpool to lose one of their best players of course.


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do wah do wah do wah Llalana did not touch him .....yer no yer no like ......why is everyone against Liverpoooool ...they are the cream....

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It's a disgrace and an off the ball incident should result in a ban at senior level if you're a senior player imo. No loss to him or Liverpool if he's fit enough for the senior team to have a 3 game ban in the under 23s. Anyone want to start a petition?

Must say I didn't think Lallana was the sort.


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Klopp is trying really hard to become the most hated manager in the league. Luckily for him, Jose still has a slight edge - for now.