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Rafa has lost his mind if he thinks that fat **** Elliott is better than Krul and to loan him to Brighton is beyond belief probably because he is on more money than mr blobby


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Probably Benitez hoping arming the opposition will strengthen his sacking so he doesnt have to give up any compo he will be due.

Paul Kannell

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Be interesting to see what's happened to Krul, it's not like any top clubs have come in for him so there must be a reason. He was a solid no.2 for Holland only a couple of years back and seems to have just disappeared, serious injury/lack of confidence, who knows.

The Pyrry

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I wish him well, played well for the team, loved the area and won over the fans. Nowt but the consumate pro. Him and Elliot pretty much the same both had their strengths and weaknesses.


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Pyrry what do you think Elliots strengths are? Maybe i am missing something only watching on tv but his distribution is terrible, he doesnt command his box, he is not very mobile, looks about two stone overweight. As i say maybe i am missing something but for me Krul is a far better keeper.

The Pyrry

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Elliot is a very good shot stopper, as was Krul, neither command their box well, admittedly Krul is better at kicking from backpasses but for me there is not much difference between the two.


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Not much difference between the two, in your opinion, but who, in your opinion, is better?

I think we all know that Krul is better by a country mile, but his wages are also a damn sight higher than Elliott who is just thankful he's getting a wage.
At one stage we seemed to be strong in the keeping department and arguably lost Fraser Forster on the back of it with Given, Harper and then Krul stopping his development here.

Now, it's a major weakness with average to okay shot stoppers having major distribution flaws.

Kicking has been an issue with all of our keepers for the best part of 6 years now and bog standard moves from the back are scarce to non-existent with Krul not really overcoming his ligament snap although it's worth remembering that he is only away on loan and cant play against us.

The door looks closed but a resurrection at Brighton will surely see a career save here. The ball is in his court.

The Pyrry

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Maybe wages do come into it OM we don't know , maybe the manager just does not rate Krul and has nowt to do with wages.
A country mile between the two.of them in terms of ability ? Not for me there isn't . Possibly Krul the better overall and that is merely for his kicking being a bit better than Elliot's. But not much between them .