KDB - The Pass Master


Alert Team
A passing masterclass from Kevin De Bruyne.

Two video clips of his sublime passing ability. Vision, timing, technique. An absolute masterclass & six minutes of your time that you will not regret spending.

Difficult to pick a favourite from such a rich tapestry of brilliance but I am going to plump for his pass to Sané against Stoke City in the 7-0 demolition.

Bisecting several Stoke players it was utterly sumptuous :021: :021: :021:



Vital Football Legend
He is indeed a major talent working in todays game - sumptuous just about sums up his array of skills, not just passing to someone in the same coloured shirt but also his goals and assists.

We would be a poorer side without him in it.

The English game would be worse off without Red Kev plying his trade in the PL.

Good times.



Alert Team
I like to envision each superbly timed and weighted pass as another painful slice across Maureen’s heart and an indictment of his powers of judgement