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karl Pilkington


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Like him? or dislike him?

i can relate to nearly everything he says and agree with most things he comes out with....

His new series 'the meaning of like ' is great. Anyone been watching?


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I like him, it is a good act, he is like a likeable Jack Dee. Can't wait until Paxman interviews him, seems the thing to do these days.


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Never really watched it, I think he puts it on and I really do not like Ricky Gervais at all so that put me off him before I even gave him a chance tbh

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Agreed Barney, Ricky Gervais is great. Karl Pilkington is down to earth and says it as he sees it I think. So funny at times is a natural way.


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I don't get Ricky Gervais. I thought "The Office" was slightly less boring than watching Birmingham sixths play Ellesmore Port over 40s in the preliminary round of the Mercian Ludo Conference (Division Seven).
I have no idea who Karl Pilkington is.
(I should explain that when we moved here, we never bothered getting a telly.)
I do like Hancock's Half Hour though.


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BBJ watch a programme called Derek.... that programme will show to you how clever ricky gervais is... he has it spot on. And written by himself.


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If I ever see Ricky Gervais walking down the street I'l ask him for my £6 back from when I went to the cinema to watch "the invention of lying"


kefkat - 4/11/2013 11:09

Can't stand Ricky Gervais. Indifferent to Karl
In my opinion Karl is a lot funnier than Ricky Gervais and doesn't even try to be funny where as Gervais seems to force a lot of his comedy but the one I absolutely hate is Steve Merchant, he coasts along on the coat tails of Gervais and his ratty little face and stupid voice just repeating What Ricky says then gives his dumb little chuckle, the bloke can't even do a Barclays advert right, how can you get a bank advert wrong? well Merchant has pulled it off. Bottom line is Ricky = Meh can take or leave, Karl = brilliant and Merchant = a hanger on and totally unoriginal.