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Kappa Innit


Vital 1st Team Regular
It wasnt a well kept secret, but I still see plenty of fake pictures of our next kit with Adidas all over it. Too many people assuming it'd be them because of Sawiris.


Vital 1st Team Regular
Have produced some of the best retro shirts of years gone by (Juve for example). I still wear my retro jacket from many years ago and now have more reason to wear it! I’ve been in the Napoli and Real Betis club shops this season and the kappa stuff is good so I look forward to seeing what they do for us.


Vital 1st Team Regular
Looking forward to seeing what the new kit looks like. I'll probably stick with this seasons for a while though as I really do like it.
To be fair , when we went to Leeds the other week we remarked on how decent their leisure stuff was , so fingers crossed that ours will be of a similar quality and that our kit sticks to our traditions.


Vital 1st Team Regular
I love retro shirts me and them Asics ones are as retro as they come, being my first shirts they evoke memories too. Also have the drill top which is my display pic, love it. The goalie tops go for some mad money!

Stephen Jay Hawkings

Vital Champions League
That was my very first shirt alongside the home one, still got it. Also have in adult size nowadays, love it.
Me too, I had the home one first and then that. It must have been the second season it was out because it had Coca-Cola Cup Winners '94 above the badge.

Alas, both are long lost, but I plan on replacing them.