Judgey Interview


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Cheers for posting, very interesting and honest words form the great man. I just hope that BFC and Alan can find a way to secure the future for both partie,s and to give him what he ultimately wants. He's earned that much.


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I very much doubt he will sign a new contract but try but try and get back to full fitness by early 2017 or so in time to try and win a contract with a PL team when his contract expires and hopefully Irish international recognition. That's what I kinda deduce from the article is his dream anyway.

If he wants to do right by BFC then maybe signing a new contract with a release clause agreeable to him and his agent may enable us to get something for him if he moves on. Otherwise that "tackle" could not only have jeopardised his career ( and it might still have) but may have cost us the best of £6,7,8m or whatever we thought he was worth then.


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Dear All

Thanks first of all to Abeja Española for the link.

So, that "tackle" which kentbee rightly comments on above:

The distraught (in a Ryan Shawcross kind of way) Hymsy not only broke Judgey's leg with one foot but caused a significant gash in his left knee with the other. And still the referee, who signalled for a stretcher straightaway if you look at the footage, only deemed the "challenge" worthy of a yellow card. Scandalous from both individuals.

BFC could have made an awful lot more of this whole episode. Stuff like this has gone the legal route in the past, and if I were AJ or MB, I would have my legal advisers on the case.

I suspect Mr Phil Gibbs might not have Griffin Park very high on his wish list of grounds to officiate at in the near future.


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