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Jorge Grant


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Shame about the club he’s gone to. Good luck to him though, fully deserved move up and good luck for the future. Think a few of us called it when he signed his new contract.

Hopefully means we’ll start seeing our own new signings coming in now.


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Peterborough isn't that bad a club to go for. Yes, he could have probably got a bigger club, but they have several examples of players that have moved on to better things which I'm sure players find attractive. Peterborough are also good at getting fees for players so hopefully we have a decent sell on clause in place.
Dreadful move it that does go through.
He'll been in a relegation team all season and watching us come sailing past.


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You just never know - Posh also have a knack of selling players on to the higher level. If Jorge develops he just might be one of those. Football is a game of players moving up and down career wise and we have to accept his decision. We can only say thanks Jorge for some memorable performances and goals. Good luck with your career (apart from when you play us).

Brendan Bradley

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He was our most creative player and will be missed but that just means someone else, either someone new or someone already at the club, will have to take up that challenge and better it.

I find the obsession with Peterborough United risible, particularly since it's pretty much their model this club is attempting to emulate, and I don't expect many players to stay more than two seasons for whatever reason - good or bad performances the result will be the same; they'll either go up the league or down it.

What I do know is that he used to get dished on here and had he gone for nowt last summer the same people whining now wouldn't have batted an eyelid. Same as if he'd stayed and started the season badly. Then we'd be hearing about how he should have been sold in the summer when his stock was highest.

Such is the way with professional football. Someone else will be along in a minute.

I enjoyed watching him play. It was nice to see an actual footballer for a change.

Luke Imp

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I think it's a move that makes sense from Jorge's point of view.

Think of the local Championship sides, which means he doesn't have to uproot his young family, and Posh fits him better than any. Forest won't have him back and Hughton is too rigid and defensive. Likewise Robins at Coventry, Derby can't pay their players, Barnsley are route one, same as a Bowyer side etc.

Posh play to his strengths, it's a style that suits him, their best sells are usually attackers and he goes up a league and to a side where he'll play. he doesn't want to me moving to, say, QPR and being a bench warmer miles away from home.

Grant is a long way from the one that got hooked off at AFCW. Well done to him and Appleton for the improvements he's made. Has there been such a quick and marked turnaround/improvement of a player in recent years?


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Who cares he has gone we have some cash. Players come players go.

life is too short to get upset when players go.

I am sure we will sign a player from a club in the same manner that the posh have done to us.


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Good luck Jorge, improved into a more rounded midfielder whilst here and contributed to a terrific last season, even if he did go off the boil slightly after injury.

Local, league above and more money it’s a no brainer, he has no deep rooted connection to Lincoln and owes us nothing after ensuring we got a fee.

Anyone wishing him bad are sad people and probably need to reflect on their own life.