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Jonah's Really REALLY Interesting Thread

I think it sums up perfectly what a shit show this country is that we can't even have standardised bin colours.

P.S. Black for general waste, Green for recycling and brown for garden waste is the correct way.
Really interesting. The same colours for us.

EXCEPT The green one is for garden waste and brown is for plastics and cardboard .


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Green wheelie bin. Fortnightly Garden waste March to October.
Blue Bag cardboard, paper. Fortnightly year round.
Black box, glass fortnightly year round
Green Bag plastic and tins. Fortnightly. Year round.
Black wheelie bin. Weekly general rubbish, weekly, year round.

Not shown:

Garden compost bin purchased from council for £4
We have Black one for General waste, Green for garden wast,e and a green one with a blue lid for recycling, plus a little brown bin for food waste plus a small grey container for food waste before you put it in the brown one so that the brown one lives outside and doesn't stink your kitchen out . Sandwell is Labour council
First time I've used the Green one for months and the feckers haven't emptied it


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We dont have dust bins down here because of the very steep little narrow streets.
What we do have are gull proof sacks (black) with a velcro strip to put the bin bags in to stop the gulls ripping them open.

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Ok . I will end this right now .

Black bin - general waste
Green bin - recycling
Brown bin - garden waste.
Food waste - small caddy green bin.

Food waste every week
Others every other week with the green and the brown bin collected together.

Anything else is weird.