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Jonah's Really REALLY Interesting Thread


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at the moment, for £75 (as there is another tenner off offer at the moment) I think it is doing a good job, yes. Always find normal fans (even the swanky dyson one) just kick around the warm air, not cooling at all. But this is helping the room be less stuffy. Thought it might lower the temperature a little more, but all is all, it is giving a cool enough breeze, as opposed to just re circulating warm air!

I'd prefer air con but I'm not about to spend £400 to £500 when this does the job ok.
If you want aircon, take a look in the winter when nobody wants them.

The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
I washed my mini... not a euphemism

I grow a pretty disappointing beard, it has to be said.

It actually doesn't have to be said, re my beard, at all, no one can force me to say it, I have said it via freedom of will and indeed speech

I once reported a lampost that was no longer giving light

Tomorrow I know not, whether I shall go to Sainsbury, or not.

Some of these sentences have a full stop, some don't, see what I care for your punctuation conventions.

I have a mate who grows a beard within 24 hours, we call him hairy, hairy, fuck face. But not directly to him, Deano gets very upset at being called rude names.

I shall never reveal the identity of who we called hairy, hairy, fuck face.


I have sorted out an Anthurium.

I had thought I had to pay some extra tax, I now don't, this makes me happy, so I have bought a 2 metre high plant in my honour.

Hydroponics, it's all about the H20 you know.

Oh and owe, sound the same, but mean different things.