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Jonah's Really REALLY Interesting Thread


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Hopefully you have fully functioning water... we've all been on tenterhooks waiting for an update!
Thankyou for your concern and my apologizes for not updating. The water returned to normal after and hour and half. Somewhat of a relief as I had a vision of myself found dying of thirst.
I added the egg to the bacon sandwich and very good decision by me.


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Recently found out an interesting fact about myself.
I am seriously allergic to blueberries.
After two hospital admissions due to severe reactions.... It's those blue little gits.


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Put this in the f@@@ the disabled thread too

ITV 7-30 PM "Tonight" which is also the name of the program

"Hidden disabilities: what's the truth?"

Worth a watch or/and catch up, on catch up TV


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I always think we should start a thread to call out posters who have since departed for a bit of nostalgia, but I never know what terms they’ve left on 😂
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