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Jonah's Really REALLY Interesting Thread

Morning all.

Thick snow in the shire of Oxford right now .

As a kid I would be bouncing.

As a 46 year old grump old man I’m thinking poor NHS last thing they need with all the people falling over and breaking things . And the fcuktards won’t be able to contain themselves and will be all over each other sledging on the hills.
You'll be able to build Olaf in the garden though

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Morning all...

I can confirm we have snow here in Worcester too. I've agreed to go for a walk in it with Mrs P as she says 'We don't get snow in Indonesia' and she wants to take some photos...... no doubt I will too.


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Yes, it too has snowed by us. Quite thick by UK standards as well.

Although I do question the intelligence of those putting the radiators on, at the same moment the youngest leaves the back door open??

Mentioning no names of course.
Well a full bin collection is supposed to be happening today including plastic, glass and cardboard recycling , but as yet there has been to sight nor sound of the bin men.

Experience tells me they aren't going to bother today.