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I was thrown out of the weekly Weight Watchers meeting for starting an argument! As you would expect I took my punishment with huge grace, which was good as they threw her out aswell!


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1970's joke...
Drunk went home to his wife with a duck under his arm.
He says 'This ish the pig I wash telling you about'.
His wife says 'You ignorant man. That is a duck.'
The man says 'I wash talking to the duck.'


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Man gets home and says to his wife “There is a guy in the pub boasting that he has shagged every woman in this street except one”
His wife turns round and says “yeah, that will be Karen at number 7”

Gills 58

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Thank you Nibbles. I was beginning to lose heart. It is dear to me as I had to lie in a bed next to some idiot in hospital back in the eighties (did I mention I'd had an accident) who used to have a tele and I was forced to listen to Rainbow every day. He was mobile and f#cked off to the rest room. I was bed bound and stuck with it. C#NT.


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Gills 58 - one of the blokes who composed the tune to Rainbow lives around the corner to me. Tells me he's still getting a few bob in royalties.:cheers:. Tim (something or other) still composing for musicals and does tours of the Brunel museum and local history walks.