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Jimmy Gilpin - Forvever Young

This is without a doubt the hardest post I've ever had to make on Vital Celtic.

I never thought I would have to report the sad passing of one of our members, but it is with a heavy heart and many tears that I let you all know that Jimmy has very sadly passed away.

Due to various log-in problems Jimmy had a few usernames over the years; Wee Barra being his original nom de plume, and Jimmy Jimmy G being his last.

Jimmy was one of those irrepressible forces of nature that made you eternally glad he had chosen you to share some of his time with.

His love and passion for Celtic were unquenchable and stretched back to the late 1950's. He hailed from Dumfries and told me often of how, as a schoolboy, he would sit beside Brother Walfrid's graveside and eat his lunch. Anybody lucky enough to have been regaled with his 'true tale's' of 'going to see the Tic', or who had read those tales on here, were blessed with unforgettable comedy, and also, at times, an utterly unique social commentary and an astute poignancy of the times.

All of Jimmy's Tales can be found in this thread (6 pages but you'll find them easily enough) http://www.celtic.vitalfootball.co.uk/forum/forums/thread-view.asp?tid=3137&posts=141

Jimmy led a rich and interesting life, he wrote lyrics and sang in a band when younger, and writing poetry was a lifelong passion of his. Rabbie Burns was another of his passions, as was Bob Dylan - who he loved.

Jimmy was a highly educated man and taught and lectured in various universities over the years. He described himself as a Revolutionary Socialist and, once you read this tribute to oor Jimmy from Stuart Christie over at Bella Caledonia, you'll quickly realise that he put his money and social values where his mouth was:


I know other political and revolutionary things about Jimmy but these were private conversations. Rest assured, however - Jimmy was the real deal and fought against social injustice, wherever he found it, all his days.

He was the kind of humanist who gave you a sense of hope in the wider human race, and made you realise that some things are worth fighting for.

Our forum and our lives will be sadder places after losing our friend.

I'll leave you with one of Dylan's songs as an appropriate farewell to our friend. Always in our hearts, Jimmy. xxx



wishaw bhoy

Vital Champions League
So very saddened to hear of the passing of Jimmy Gilpin or Wee Barra as we knew him for years on this blog ,, Jimmy was one hell of a character ,, a free spirit and his knowledge ( Celtic or otherwise ) knew no bounds ,, he spoke his mind ,, enthralled us with tales of his life experiences and of following the Celtic in his younger days but most of all he loved a laugh ,, many ,, many times over the years he made me laugh out loud to the extent that he would sometimes induce tears but he was also a most considerate and caring individual and would regularly send fellow posters a heart warming private message if he detected the mere hint of anything untoward ,, a very noble quality considering that he himself regularly suffered greatly with medical ailments that affected him badly .

It seems strange , surreal even , to grieve for a man that we never met or knew in real life but it's also testament to the man that the anguish & deep felt pain attributed to his untimely passing feels very real indeed ,, Jimmy was a one off ,, a man in a million and the world is now a poorer place without him in it ,, theres not much I can say about Jimmy that Tic hasn't already covered with such eloquence only that he also loved his wee dudes ....... here's to you wee man ,, God bless you and keep you ,, Hail Hail to the gentleman that was Jimmy Gilpin ............ :emoticon:14 :emoticon:14 :emoticon:14 :emoticon:30 :emoticon:30 :emoticon:30 :emoticon:01 :emoticon:01 :emoticon:01 :emoticon:01 :emoticon:01 :emoticon:01 :emoticon:01 :emoticon:01 :emoticon:01 :emoticon:01 :emoticon:07 :emoticon:07 :emoticon:07


Vital Football Hero
A terrific tribute, Tic. WB, glad to see you back. Please stay a while.

It is a wee bit odd to feel a loss of someone I never met in person, but Jimmy was a great and lovely part of the Celtic family and certainly our group here. His poetry and musings were funny, heartfelt, artistic and at times hilariously nonsensical. He had a mastery with words and a flair for the absurdity. He will be missed by us and much more by those like Tic who knew him more closely.

Farewell, Jimmy Gilpin. :emoticon:14 :emoticon:07

wishaw bhoy

Vital Champions League
Just as an afterthought ,, Jimmy would have loved the fact that he lived long enough to see the demise of a football team called Rangers FC and not because of any bitterness or hatred ,, simply because they represented everying that he so despised in life ,, and for that I'm truly thankful . Hail Hail Jimmy :emoticon:14


Vital Reserves Team
This sad news comes as a really enormous shock.

Although as a relative newcomer I didn't know Jimmy especially well, he always appeared to be a true larger-than-life character and regularly made me smile - even when referring to me as a 'Mowbray' (must be the Englishness!). I might not have always got his unique humour at every level but I certainly appreciated it all the same!

Deepest sympathies to those closest to him who are far more qualified to pass comment than myself. This place will never again be quite the same without Jimmy but I'm sure his legacy remains forever.


Vital Reserves Team
I knew about it right now from Welch........ Its awful....awful and pain...... I like Jimmy always.....His jokes and kiddin
Tbh, when i did see Welch message about Jimmy.... tears was in my eyes..... He was very good bhoy... i talk to him very often on fb.... He wished to visit in Ekaterinburg.....I'm in deep sad

Btw.....I thought about him morning....i still no knew
Jimmy are great loss for us.....But He will live in our heart forever!



Vital Football Hero
I really can't think of anything more to say that hasn't been said already.....Jimmy was certainly one of a kind and we will all miss him on here! Just when it was needed, you knew Jimmy would come along with some cracking comment!!!

I hope you are enjoying yourself up there now old friend, we all look forward to joining you and finally meeting you some day!


Vital Squad Member
So sad to learn of the passing off jimmy (wee barra)

A nice tribute paid from you bhoys to jimmy. He was one in a million. He spoke from the heart yet so will delivered through his mind. His love for Celtic was unquestionable,his stories and tales. Although I've never met jimmy,or even seen a picture. I've built up a mental image of him that will long live in the memory. This place will be a darker place in your absence jimmy. Rest in peace.

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