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Jim Fleming RIP


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Absolutely, Peterborough FA Cup game, 88th minute penalty to win it .....one of my greatest ever memories .....NPL leaders vs 4th Division also rans....17,000 on ...God Bless Jim (worked at Heinz while he was down here I think)

brainstorm alert 😳
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I remember that goal like it was yesterday. Sitting with a guy called Jack Day who always wore a flat cap. He took his hat off and said to me "if this goes in its gooin" and then flung it like a frisbee on to the pitch. Happy days.

RIP jim.


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RIP Jim, he lived near us, when he was playing for the Latics,
a great player.

A brilliant poem from Tony Topping:

Houses now where Jim Fleming used to play
I took a stroll around them just the other day
No sign of the terraces where we stood together
Me and my Dad in the foulest of weather
Waiting for him while he got his “big” jacket
Checking his coat for his “Old Holborn” packet
Picking our way across the dark dreaded “Gant”
“Watch out for the rats” my old Dad would pant
Over the Dougie and across the canal
Smelling of something that wasn’t “Chanel”
Down terraced streets and into the “Offy”
A bottle of pop and a quarter of toffee
Onto the ground where the floodlights are lit
In front of the stand where the old codgers sit
Leant on the barrier in our usual spot
Ten minutes go by then Jim has a shot
Goalkeeper dives but he hasn’t a prayer
Jim turns to the crowd with his arm in the air
But Jim is now gone and so is the ground
With nothing to show that it was around
The wind’s getting up and here comes the dark
When out come the ghosts of old Springfield Park
The cheers, the tears, the laughter, the buzz
The drinkin’, the courtin’, the brawling, the fuzz
I bid thee farewell and leave to live for today
This circle of houses where Jim used to play