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January 2019 transfers

Bolshie Budgie

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I think we need a younger version of Grant Holt, somebody with physical presence, great workrate and the ability to stick the ball in the net regularly.

Can we find this gem somewhere on the planet?


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Could be Morris, BB. We defo need something different up top and also something different on the wing. Cantwell is not a left-winger I'll say it over and over

yellow belly

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Good point B.B. They were my exact thoughts as I walked out of CR today , that a strong CF is needed to bully the opposition and force the ball into the net. Oh for a Grant Holt in those last 10 minutes today instead of Rhodes


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I have replied on front screen Tuckster. The lad is more a winger/number 10. I think the club really like Morris and want to get him involved but a loan might be on the cards to get him 100%. I think it was Bailey or Paddy who said that DF really likes Morris and thinks he is a super pro and hard worker.

Srbeny it might be best a loan is sorted out but that would leave us short up top unless Morris is kept.

If the club is looking at another forward and is thinking of a youngster then I say look no further than our academy and Spyrou and Idah who have shown in u23s they can do it.


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We are apparently looking at Lincoln City winger Harry Anderson. A decent player and would help with the homegrown rule. I do wonder if Marshall might be moved on at some point.


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I'm not overly keen Harry Anderson. He's all step overs and no end product.
Mr Farke would soon take that away or hopefully improve it. Cantwell also tries this.

Another player we were interested in (rumoured) has said he is moving to England once his contract expires in the summer. Kieran Sadlier is another winger and not a young youngster 25 by next season going on 26.

We have good links in Ireland with the recent signings of Adam Idah, Simon Power and Josh Giurgi.