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James Bond has gone to 0 0 heaven


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Not “arguably” for me. THE best imho. Daniel Craig next. And so many other great roles on his CV.

RIP Sean.
I know what you mean, I have difficulty choosing between the two as Bond, both brilliant for different reasons. Can't argue with the fact that Connery reached, and went beyond, legendary status though which very few actors do.
A great loss but a fantastic innings


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Can anyone confirm this? My father told me that he went to the old Bull Ground at Sittingbourne to see the Showbitz 11 play a Chelsea 11 in a charity match. Sean Connery was in the Showbitz team along with Tommy Steele and Dave King (comedian). Chelsea won by a cricket score with a certain young player called Greaves scoring a hat full. I estimate it was around 1960. Anyone know about it or even went?