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Jack Clark - Player Thread - On Loan

Looks a bit green. But has a lot of physical development left in him, for reasons I've yet to decide he reminds me of milner!

Nick Real Deal

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Leeds can only name 5 loaness and as Leeds are heavily dependent on more experienced loaners, he couldn't be picked.
With us he could be playing with U 23s like Parrott and Roles. He could even be involved in first team training, he would be with our medics and coaching staff . If his time is going to be limited due to loanees in front of him what's the point of him being there.


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Call him back (if we can)

I'd rather he stayed with us and trained with the first team or sent him somewhere else, otherwise it's just wasting a year of his career.
IF we can, you say. Can we? Does anyone know? I would think probably not if it’s a stipulation in the transfer deal. If he’s not even on the bench maybe they’ll release him sooner you would think.
Jesus, thank fuck none of you lot coach young players; he's 18; he was used just 22 times last season.

He's being brought on carefully; he's been loaned back because if he wasn't they'd have never have sold him to us. He's still physically underdeveloped and still has a bit to learn.

As he's our asset, I'd much rather he wasn't flogged to death at 18 so that he can develop soft tissue injury after soft tissue injury as he progresses - you only have to look at his physique to tell you that he's not stopped growing up or out yet.

He may not make the grade, we've taken a punt based on a whole bunch of scouting reports and the huge endorsement and recommendation of a very experienced manager.

Jack Clarke - Lively first 5 minutes, setting up a chance and having one himself early on. Linked up well with Alioski a few times in the opening 15 minutes. Wonderful left-footed through ball to find Jordan Stevens in the build up to the second goal, a moment of real quality. Looked more dangerous in the second half than the first - seemed to enjoy being predominantly on the right wing more than he did being mostly on the left. Leeds didn’t use him enough following the second goal. 7/10