It's Good To See

Sir Laz

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That this must be the first time in many a year that there is no Mr.Big Bollocks playing for the club.Non of the current crop seem to be showing signs of bigging themselves up to be something they are not. Wht we have is a group of players who are putting their sweat into their performances and collectively helping each other out on the pitch.It's very refreshing to see their commitment,even the ones we may deem as not good enough are giving there all to hang onto their shirts.Long may it continue.


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I must admit, it's great to see a manager get all the players to realise they are all in this, together.

Unless you're Colback, in which case you are not and never will be good enough, so can leave when someone is interested, aka, a Hartlepool or someone.
Whilst I agree with Laz, we may find problems follow if we do get taken over and allowed to spend the money we generate and more.

The bigger the player, generally means you get a bigger ego so whilst it's a daft thought at present, it may come around to create problems.


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Could not agree more TNMW, its a problem to be dealt with, scouting the players properly, should find out if they could potentially be a bell end.