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It's almost Autumn

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Autumn.......Brrrrrrrr, it's going to be cold this winter for me.

I phoned my lady friend back in Yogyakarta earlier this morning. I was quite depressed when she told me it was 30 degrees this afternoon (they're 6 hours in front of BST). Can't wait for this time next year.....

The Fear

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I now can't get the war of the worlds songs out of my head!!

Thanks for the heads up skeggy, I await the haters, bbj and james06 to argue with you.

Be strong seasonal brother, be strong!!!!



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I've always noticed how the first week of the school year in September is always really sunny then it's downhill rapidly from there

I hate autumn and winter it's so depressing I can understand why the suicide rate is do high in winter in Nordic countries, the only good thing about winter is Christmas and my birthday but that's usually shit because of the timing of it anyway


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I just know that I will be glad when Autumn is bedded in as September is not a pleasant month for my son re his bi-polar as it goes into extremes in season change. At least this year isn't like the last 2 which were horrendous.

I can live with the holed up in his bedroom with no lights on and his blinds permanently closed, sleeping most of the time and using the internet in his room in the dark too. Last year was a 6 week run around where we didn't know where he was and the year before we nearly lost him to an overdose.

So this year is good so far by compare.

Hello Autumn


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SKEGGY - 22/9/2013 17:47

When your son is naked Kefkat is he a bi-polar bare?
When he was tiny was the last time I seen him naked Skeggy-perish the thought now. LOL.

Yeah I often equate bi-polar with bears too :17: I kinda understand the name and why they renamed I that, but it is a very strange name. Then again it is a strange illness


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The Fear - 22/9/2013 18:25

Good song by Jimmy Hendrix ... Manic depression

Must have a Hendrix session this autumn!
A manic depression title song by Emilie Autumn & Insane Clown Posse. Though Insane Clown is called manic depressive