It's a bloody miracle sir,... honest! | Vital Football

It's a bloody miracle sir,... honest!

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A nun has given birth to a baby son in Rome.

Apparently, she didn't even know she was pregnant, and got rushed to hospital thinking it was stomach cramps.....Lol

The Nun story was my second favourite Christianity one of the week. This was my top one:-

UKIP councillor blames storms and floods on gay marriage



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It is The Messiah we have all been waiting for :14: :17: :14:

Just to be sure, for those who aren't yes I am joking :14:

Erm another Monk up to be defrocked, or maybe a resident


PMSL Sirden crikey you have been on form today lol

Maybe she had sex and its not Jesus reborn? Just saying like.


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Juan Mourep - 19/1/2014 17:29

Shocking kefkat! Have you no faith? Artificial insemination could easily be carried out on a virgin.
Good grief Juan so true! I now believe :10: Thank you for helping me regain my trust. I must be a doubting Thomas ladette