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It Looks Like It's A Vagina

Just for balance, I don't want to be accused of having cock envy.

Yes, Qatar's Monster Stadium Looks A Bit Like A Vagina

Attention, attention. There's a football stadium in Qatar that looks a lot like female genitalia, and the internet wants you to gawk at it.


Is it worse that it's called 'Al Wakrah?'


Vital Football Legend
Dirty minded gits! Looks like a spaceship out of that film whose name I can't remember now.

Wonder if the entry will be too big when it's opened
Once I stopped laughing Kef, you've now upset my night because I know exactly the film you are on about but can't remember the bloody name!

PoL, I'm sure it's got irrigation mate.
BringbakMON - 22/11/2013 23:38

what a daft story unlike
:1: :1: :1: :1:

Oh tits, I missed a genitalia report PMSL

I always knew architects were taking the piss when they said you needed vision. And please tell me I'm not the only one thinking the street names are really appropriate. Highland Avenue and Wee 2nd Street?