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Iphone 11 Help

Wor lasses Iphone has a software issue in which the phone sticks at the apple logo screen.

On connecting it to itunes, it wont let you repair it or update the software as it keeps saying there's a problem with a file. The only option available left is a full restore which wipes everything.

Basically im asking if anyone knows of any program or way to get photos or videos off it without mentioning icloud before I go ahead and do what I dont want to do in wiping it.


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I know you didn’t want to mention iCloud, but it usually backs up each night, therefore if it’s switched on and you wipe the phone, just use the backup from the night before. You will only lose what she put on that day.

Failing that, try resetting the phone by pressing top volume button and then holding the bottom volume button and screen lock until it goes black. Let it go and the Apple logo should come back on.
The phone wouldn't let me update as there was a missing file or something was corrupt. Had to do a factory reset but luckily not too much was lost as I transferred a lot of her pictures a couple of months ago but forgot about it.

Will just have to regularly transfer stuff now onto hard drive


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Aye, the days of negatives, slides and the like are long gone. I've been scanning old photos and negatives from earlier years. Some years I can count on one hand how many photos were taken. It is great that in this day and age you can click away and capture memories without the cost. It's easy to say but an external hard drive is a must if they are important. You need a back up.
Aye it's weird nowadays to think how we survived back in the day. You would go on your holidays with 3 or 4 camera films in the hope that you managed to capture a decent photo or 2.

Only problem being it would take another fortnight after you came back off your holibobs for them to be developed at the chemist. I bet they had some stories to share as well.


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Kodak instamatics were all the go when I was a lad. Had to have a steady hand to use one of those . It was always interesting when you got your photos back to see how many were in focus and sometimes the photos you took were somewhat surprising😁
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