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iOS7 like it or hate it?


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Its nice, liking it. Massive change and going to take some getting used to but its nice. Something Apple badly needed. They were resting on their laurels on the software side of things for a few years until Jony Ive got his hands on software as well as hardware.


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col8 - 20/9/2013 14:42

randy.stand - 20/9/2013 14:31

James06 - 20/9/2013 13:04

Who's Jony Ive?
The head of the design team at Apple. A british guy. If he wasn't there Apple would have problems.

Yeah Fear, iOS7 is for iPad aswell.
iPad 2 -3
Nothing yet about the iPods......
Its for iPad 2 & later. iPad Mini. iPhone 4 and later. And iPod Touch 5th Generation.