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insurance question?


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rang up my insurance company about my claim and spoke to a lovely girl, and was offered a sum to replace the bike with ... didnt accept the offer as did say i would look around the net etc for prices.

but how flexable are they? can i get them to improve the offer easily?

did hear a rumour of them getting their prices from ebay, any truth?

dont have any contacts in the insurance business to ask unfortunately


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I have known people to not accept the first 2 offers and the insurance company has just upped the offer. Just takes more time to get the pay out.


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Mother in law recently had her car written off.
They made an offer based on current value ie how much people are selling them for on the internet.
I tried to haggle,but they said they couldn`t go to the other insurance company with a higher amount,as they would refer them to the prices on the internet.