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Incoming Transfer speculation

How comes? The money has to come from somewhere right?
Because the debt was there before and it is there now.
Just because they have a judgement doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be paid in one lump sum.
In most cases an arrangement for payment is made.
I doubt if there are many clubs in professional football that don’t have CCJs.
Can’t see it having any bearing on the playing budget.

chris who

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That's what makes his appointment as GFC manager even more bizarre. It worked on a budget but given his history it was strange that PS thought it could work to begin with.
Let's be honest for two years it did work. Far longer than I expected it too.However the end result was almost exactly how I had expected it too end except perhaps with more flames perhaps.


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In my opinion he's more of an acquirer of players rather than a classic wheeler and dealer. Every incoming transfer involves money, to players, agents and sometimes others.
The Ehmer signing was very suspicious, when Evans brought him back from Bristol, £50k paid to his agent, really?